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    Pat's Political Vision

    "Without Vision The People Perish"

    Better "Quality of Life" for every citizen by:

    (1) Cutting spending / lowering tax rates

    (2) Supporting small business creation and growth

    (3) Encouraging workforce development programs

    (4) Ensuring Public Safety

    (5) Becoming the "Education City" of the area

    I believe the vision for Newport News must reflect all the citizens who reside there. A good quality of life for all the citizens of Newport News is a priority for me.
    - I subscribe to "Reaganonomics" in order to grow the local economy and make local businesses profitable and.
    - Allowing citizens to keep more of their hard earned money.

    Small businesses are the backbone of any community and I support and encourage them in Newport News. In the past three weeks, I have intervened in four cases in which the business in question had difficulty navigating the beaurocracy of the city government and were ready to close down. I believe that the city of Newport News needs to welcome and support small businesses.

    Hand in hand with supporting small businesses is the need to support programs that increase the employability of our citizens. For without a trained and competent labor pool businesses can not succeed in Newport News.

    I believe public safety is paramount to a good quality of life. I support local police and firemen and encourage citizens to cooperate with them to get the job done. I have a plan to deal with "gang issues" by analyzing what gangs offer young people and finding ways for the city to meet those needs in a positive way. It is critical to our youth, during their critical transition years, that they have better models than many have now.

    I would like Newport News to become the "Education City". My input into the Educational system over her five years as a member of the Newport News School Board has given me a headstart into making that dream come true. I support more career preparation through the Career Pathways Program. This will assure that our students have the 21st Century Skills they need to be successful and will significantly address the dropout problem.

    I will hold regular public meetings to share information and to hear citizen input. I will be your voice on the City Council.

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